Our Founder

Vanessa Robinson (1971-2014)


Our founder, Vanessa Robinson, made it her life’s mission to promote breast cancer awareness and support breast cancer patients. Her passion to find a cure was initially ignited by her mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer back in 2009. Three years later, she was diagnosed at the age of 40, where she underwent a mastectomy. Less than 3 years later, she lost her battle to cancer at the ripe young age of 42.

Vanessa ‘Vanro’ Robinson was a successful hairstylist/entrepreneur in the Palm Beach County area who dedicated her life to making women look beautiful. It was only fitting, that she thought a fashion show would be the best platform to promote awareness and early detection. Vanessa was a daughter, mother, sister, friend and hairstylist. She had such an infectious personality. She was always positive during her battle and was an inspiration to us all.