Making the Burden a Lesser One…

Pink Strydes, Incorporated is a grassroots, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established to reduce the risks and ease the effects of breast cancer in women and families of under-served populations in Southeast Florida. Pink Strydes, Incorporated fulfills its mission through awareness, education, empowerment; and by providing treatment and medication co-pays, assisting patients with personal care assistance, and assistance with daily living activities.


A Different Type of Breast Cancer



Now thru February 19th we are having a Flash Sale on admission tickets and vendor tables!!! Take advantage of the 30% discounts today!!!
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“A Pink Strydes Affair”

Our annual fashion show, Pink Strydes Affair, is a show that celebrates the lives of breast cancer survivors. The survivors are every day women and men of different ages, sizes, and ethnicities who are just ecstatic to be alive! Pink Strydes gives them a day where they can be beautified and celebrated and ‘strut’ their stuff on the catwalk.


Survivor Stories

Their Words…